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Reviews for GenXmixtape on Apple Podcasts

"One thing I think is super cool about this podcast is that music is pulled from so many generations, so there is something for everyone! I also like discovering new music and this is a great way to do it!"
review left by Ailsac100
"This has been a very enjoyable and educational podcast that I have looked forward to the last few weeks. There is a good mix between the history of the music and the meaning of the music and how it fits the overall theme of the week. It reminds me of my days creating mixtapes, albeit not the way they did it. This podcast has taught me many new things about various artists and has introduced me to more music as well."
review left by MemphisReigns
"Generation X gets a bad rap. Alan and Dave show why that isn’t fair. Great music! Great commentary! The hosts are well-versed in the background and history of the music and the era, and their rapport makes the podcast a pleasure to listen to! A pleasant trip back in time, set to the soundtrack of your life!"
review left by Tadpole
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Reviews for GenXmixtape on facebook

"Not just for GenXers! Love the concept and the delivery. I learn something new about my favorites and am introduced to new music as well. Highly recommend."
review left by Jen L.
"GenXers will love GenXmixtape and their podcasts! And so will their kids and anyone who listens to popular music from the last five decades! The podcasts are fun ways to learn more about songs we have listened to forever. I always learn something!"
review left by Coreen B.
"Love the concept, miss the mixtapes. The show, at times, introduces me to music I'm unfamiliar with or have forgotten about. Everyone at work enjoys listening to the podcast and companion playlist. Great job guys. Keep it up!"
review left by Jennifer C.